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The space post make over is decluttered and cleaner in it's layout. 

The textures and wallpaper used in the ceiling takes the attention of the user to the subtle details. The furniture pieces were custum designed to fit all the requirements of the user. The decor in each room adds personality to the space and makes it unique.

The design approach is contemporary and eclectic. All materials chosen add a touch of elegance to the interiors.

Private Residence

C4/22 - S.D.A, Delhi, India

Located in the premium area of South Delhi, this home is spread over a lavish 2000 sq ft. Keeping in mind, the needs of thespace as well as understanding the client's lifestyle, Studio Brickwood419 gave a complete contemporary make-over. 

The client's brief specifically insisted on uplifting the mood of the existing spaces, while meeting the necessary requirements of each occupant. Our design emphasized on de-cluttering the space while maintaining the funtionality. 

A subtle color tone is complimented by bright color pops in the living dining spaces retaining the focus on this area as a social niche for the home.

Type /

Interior Design


Area / 

3400 Sq.Ft


Year / 


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