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Legal Consultants

Office for BAV Partners, New Delhi, India

Our brief was to design an office space for a law firm that should not look like a typical law firm. It was to be exciting, design oriented yet functional. This has been achieved through the bespoke furniture designed in house coupled with the experimenting streak of our Client.

Being in a basement, our biggest challenge was to kill the feeling of being below ground level, and to achieve that we used the shaft to our advantage making it into a sunken courtyard. We created all the workspaces enveloping the sunken courtyard, making each workspace exposed to the only source of natural light.

We also used the courtyard as the backdrop of the reception, with only a glass separating the two, making it the first impression as one enters into the basement and an attempt to bring the natural light deep inside the space and Voila! it actually doesn’t feel like a basement.

Type /

Interior Design


Area / 

1700 Sq.Ft


Year / 


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