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Santushti 'The Concept Shop', New Delhi, India

Our first association with the Indian Airforce. 


Brickwood419 Design was tasked with both designing and executing the construction of ‘Santushti’ The Concept Shop’, which is one of the major ventures of the Air Force Wives Welfare Association.  Located in the highly secured area of Santushti Shopping Complex, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, the Concept Shop was first opened in 1985. Being a welfare retail space, the fund generated through the shop is utilised to look after the welfare needs of the Air force Officers and their wives. 


The santushti complex has been a vibrant and popular haunt for the sociable crowd in and around Lutyens Delhi. We were keenly aware of this fact when we were approached by the AFWWA to renovate their flagship gift and curio outlet, the Concept shop. They wanted a fresh outlook, a more updated design, more in line with the status of the complex itself and its setting. 

The client's inclination towards a European high street shop, more akin to the likes of Regent Street in London and the Champs Elysees in Paris, became a precedent for our design research and development. The grand yet suave aesthetic of both these streets in Europe held the perfect kernel of an idea for the refurbishment for the concept shop. 

In our research for the same, we came across the works of French Neo Classical Architect, Claude Nicolas Ledoux. His brand of demure, understated yet grand Classical Style got our creative juices flowing. 

We experimented with different permutations of the quintessental yet timeless graeco-roman temple facade, which beautifully encased the new envelope we were creating for the shop.

Type / 

Interior Design


Area / 

2200 Sq.Ft


Year / 







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