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The Beer Cafe

The Beer Cafe, Colonnade, New Delhi, India

Located in the heart of New Delhi at Connaught place, This Bar has its interiors inspired from the "Prohibition Era".


Connaught Place was constructed during the British rule over India, the construction began in 1921, around the same time in the United States, a nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, and sale of alcoholic took place, known as the Prohibition Era. The popular opinion believes the prohibition failed as it led to "bootlegging" & "speakeasy's", an illicit, mostly hidden underground, establishment that sells alcohol. 


The uncanny coincidental historical timelines of both these events, allowed the design of this Bar to be inspired by 'Speakeasy’s.' The Faux Industrial brackets, the exposed brick arches, the vintage filament style Edison lamps, the raw wooden finishes, every element makes you travel in time.

Type /

Interior Design


Area / 

750 Sq.Ft


Year / 


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