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The Beer Cafe

The Beer Cafe, Janakpuri, Delhi, India 

The site is located in a vibrant shopping mall that had been developed as a part of the transit oriented development for the Janakpuri West Metro Station, connecting the Delhi Metro. Considering the surrounding context and targeting the youth, our initial thoughts were to develop a design that could stimulate public imagination and generate curiosity.


There was no specific brief by the client except that the space should reflect the brand’s identity. The design inherently was aimed to be inviting and highly dynamic. Moving away from the overdone rustic industrial commercial spaces, for our third association with the Beer Cafe group,  we decided to go Boho! This multi-tonal space totally works around the ‘more is more’ concept.


The word ‘Boho’ brings to mind an eclectic mix of elements to ultimately give a decadent ambience. This space provided us the perfect opportunity to take the quintessential Brickwood style, add a healthy dash of whimsy; creating an irresistible cocktail we call “bohemian chic”.


Type /

Interior Design


Area / 

1200 Sq.Ft


Year / 


The design strategy was to create a bohemian structure that explores folds and continuity for the ceiling using chevron pattern and balancing it with a busy floor plane. The vibrant colors, layering of materials and myriad display items are experienced throughout the café. Colorful lanterns and low tables offer a summer bohemian feel to the café.


The programmatic brief demanded various zones like seating, bar, kitchen, storage, smoking room, a PYOB Counter and services. These spaces were strategically stacked across the floor to achieve maximum usage of the space. The furniture and light fixtures are tailor made.

The central zone was seating with the bar and kitchen on one end and the storage on the other. The bohemian folded structure enjoyed a central position thereby increasing volumes on the periphery.  In order to ensure that the folded structure does not make the space look heavy, punctures were added in the form of chevron patterns. This offered a unique identity to the zone and today acts as one of the significant elements that visitors register themselves with.  The peripheral zone enjoys a 14  feet exposed high ceiling next to the glass facade that offers an immersive backdrop, sitting next to the metro line.​

The design development process employed a comprehensive strategy including complete 3d visualization with product and material specifications, generating prototype models for the ceiling and the light fixtures. As a result we were able to easily conceive from thought to reality.

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