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The Beer Cafe

The Beer Cafe, Rohini

Located at Unity One Mall Rohini, New Delhi, this Beer Cafe was designed to attract the Millennials.  A generation always seeking the extra mile of cool.


To create unique ambience a street cafe theme was explored leading towards the use of shipping containers, trussed metal ceilings and food trucks. The style finally achieved was a combination of ‘a contained space’, essentially a volume within a volume and ‘structural expressionism’. 


For logistical reasons, use of an actual shipping container was negated, therefore a faux container housing the BOH was created using metal framework and corrugated sheets. The illusion of 'a contained space' seemed incomplete without a deconstructive metal lattice around the space negating the physical boundaries of the space by drawing all the attention towards the built form.

Type / 

Interior Design


Area / 

1000 Sq.Ft


Year / 


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