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The Beer Cafe

The Beer Cafe, Supermart, Gurgaon, India

Located at DLF Supermart 1, a market complex in Gurgaon, this Beer Cafe is tucked away in a quiet corner of the complex overlooking an open courtyard. The site attributes demanded live bands and music performances. The design brief for this project was to deliver a design unlike the existing cafes owned the group with the caveat that the design had to be inspired by a retro music theme. 


The word 'retro’ evoked images of the evergreen American Diner style, but without it's iconic bold and solid colour scheme. The remainder, when Infused with a few Classic Art-Deco elements, rehashed its essence giving birth to a theme independently bold and bustling with character. 

Type /

Interior Design


Area / 

1700 Sq.Ft


Year / 


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